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I’ve had a 40 hour work day and that was bad, but thankfully the only other time I’ve come close. Staying up 70 hours was so freaky. Slightly Like taking acid, buy canada goose jacket but you’re not on anything. This is all a pointless experience. I can feel grateful for what I have. I […]

There are so many incredible people here

“It’s such a positive for the county,” Kelly said, noting the frustration of people unsure of where to go. “When someone’s first entering into the legal process, it’s intimidating, it’s sometimes upsetting. They’re going to come here” and quickly find what floor houses the service they need to reach.

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I mounted LED lights from a Holloween light set that has vibration sensor, so I don’t have to worry about the on/off switch. Rode w/ two the first day, then tested with only one, went shopping and loaded fully with milk, juices, and other heavy groceries. The low center of gravity is marvelous.

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PolitiFact New YorkTV and MediaWeatherEditorialsLetters to the EditorAdam ZyglisStateThe Buffalo Bisons have announced that fewer than 5,000 tickets are left for the team’s popular Star Wars Night promotion, scheduled for June 7 against Syracuse.The 6:05 game includes character appearances, a raffle of game worn Bisons Star Wars Jerseys to benefit the American Heart Association, a […]

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(His successor, Gov. Gavin Newsom, downsized the dream.) But he argues it’s a mistake to lay out specific programs “that have trillion dollar budget implications when you’re not in a position to make those kind of decisions. That’s jacking everybody up for a big letdown.”Brown views global warming as an urgent and existential danger (along […]

You exist to change the world

Taking into consideration that food will expire and go bad, I know this wasn a long term solution, but there nothing in the text that implies they even attempted to extend the food further out. The chapter mentions a season passing (summer into autumn) and them still struggling for food. There a point where they […]

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The important thing was the constant striving toward something new and invigorating. Fashion, for him, was a constant evolution, an endless series of tweaks. He aimed for the best, but sometimes the only way to get there was through rocky and jarring terrain.

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I had no shoes nor boots, just bare feet in ‘zoccoli’, these were roughly carved wooden soles held on the feet by a leather strap. This was normal village footwear, the only difference being that I didn’t have any socks. My trousers and shirt were patched and re patched.

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If you aren’t interested in earning royalties from competitors

What makes all these examples so frustrating for American workers is that while Detroit throttles back at home and invests in Asia, foreign automakers, including Honda, Nissan, and Toyota, are investing in this market. In fact, as American automakers cut back, these Japanese companies are providing all the production growth in the United States. And […]