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Because the position is elected, a referendum is needed to cut it, said Koetzle, and town officials are hoping to let the public decide the matter on April 16. Before that, he said, the town board, which has voiced support for the change, will vote on the issue on Feb. 15.

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I hold a Bachelor Degree from Ner Institute in Talmudic

My Degrees, Credentials and Certificates: Currently January 2011, I am a Certified Hypnotherapist (in the Krasner Method ) from the accredited Kona University formerly known as American Pacific university. I hold a Bachelor Degree from Ner Institute in Talmudic Philosophy and ancient Spirituality. I also have my certificate in Psychology of communication and Methodology of […]

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They looked like continuous tack welds. When I asked the Exxon superintendent who was showing me around if the welds were legal, he angrily nodded yes. This sort of failure absorbs almost no energy and may be a reason the Valdez rode so far up on Bligh Reef..

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