Patricia Hanes Meyer believes that anyone who is motivated can make positive life changes, function at a higher level, and achieve  deep pride and joy from building personal responsibility in all areas of ones life.

Meyer brings more than four decades of experience to her work. She has been in private practice since 1976.  Prior to practicing in Virginia, for eight years Meyer was a clinical instructor in the Georgetown University Department of Psychiatry.

Meyer is known for her clarity about the complexity of human functioning and the process of human change.  As a psychotherapist, she is very interactive whether teaching a concept from theory or providing a concrete strategy for a specific issue.  The same can be said of her writing and teaching.

As a consultant, Meyer has assisted many a business professional to assess dysfunction within the work system and to carve consistent, concrete strategies for resolving that dysfunction.  As with psychotherapy, the capacity to understand how emotional systems operate allows for building a clear description of dysfunction within the system, a clear strategy, and leadership guidance for those in charge.


Focus Areas

The focus for Patricia Meyer in approaching problems and issues introduced in the office contains the wide lens of a three generational study of the family which allows for the identification of emotional patterns generation to generation.  This body of information acts as a road map for solving concrete problems.  Meyer works with families struggling with the problems of today’s family.  That stated, Meyer is a strong believer in collaboration regularly making referrals to other professionals.  She considers it part of her responsibility to attempt to know who the experts are in various specialties.



Patricia Meyer works with members of the human family from children to seniors.  Work with children begins with those who are pre-adolescent and ends with those who are senior (or family members dealing with senior parent issues).  One of Meyer’s specialties is working with teenagers, a favorite group in her practice.  Equal focus in the practice includes work with couples, individuals struggling with depression, high anxiety, medical issues, career issues.

Working with business professionals is also a favorite focus for Meyer.  Being able to use knowledge about the human family and it’s predictable functional patterns focused on business organizations has allowed many a professional to build solid organizations, strong functioning teams, and highly respected leadership.



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